Wildwood Kitchen Remodel

A Partial Kitchen Remodel Updates This Home In Wildwood

Before kitchen update

BEFORE kitchen update

How do you design a kitchen that looks like it’s been gutted from the ground up, but is actually a strategic partial remodel? Aptitude did just that with this kitchen in Wildwood, which was completely transformed using a few methodical moves.

“The biggest challenge was the budget and making the kitchen look wholly remodeled, even though it really wasn’t,” says Matt Mierek, owner of Aptitude Design & Build. “It was about using the budget intelligently, instead of throwing money at new cabinets and that’s all the client gets.”

The Kitchen

The homeowners in Wildwood wanted to replace the kitchen cabinets and re-envision the kitchen space, but their budget didn’t allow for a full remodel. “They wanted their kitchen to open up to the family room, so the space didn’t feel so closed in,” says Mierek. “We took those ideas and their budget and formulated a plan to remove the bar wall in the middle of the room, but keep the sink. Now, the rooms are much more inviting.”

Refinished cabinets

Instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets, Mierek and his team updated them instead, staining them a dark walnut color and installing new hardware. “We also added crown molding to make them look a little richer than before. It’s inexpensive and makes the cabinets look nicer,” he says.

Stacked stone and quartz countertops

Though removing the kitchen island wasn’t an option, Mierek added stacked stone around the base of it, which continues onto the adjacent oven wall. The effect is a kitchen with an entirely different feel than it once had. “It made that oven wall much more appealing and blended it into the kitchen,” says Mierek. The team also replaced the countertops, which are now quartz with travertine tile backsplash. The result is a space that feels new, updated and elegant, without breaking the bank.

Working with Aptitude

In working with clients, Mierek takes into account all information at his disposal. “I like to really be able to delve into what they like. What kind of colors do they like? How does their decorating feel? What kind of stones do they have outside? What does their backyard look like?” he says. It’s all part of the process and arriving at a spectacular finished product.