Spacious Commercial Kitchen Remodel for a Church in Clayton, MO

The community at this Saint Marks Lutheran Church church in Clayton, Missouri, gather together to feed not just their souls, but also their bodies. Near the areas dedicated to worship, is a commercial kitchen used to prepare meals for events and other church activities.

When the church needed to remodel its commercial kitchen, it looked for a contractor with experience in commercial construction along with the skill to guide the project through the complexities of building permits and compliance with the local health department.

Reasons for the commercial kitchen remodel

The existing kitchen felt cramped and overcrowded. Although it had a lot of base cabinets, many of them were too narrow for the church’s storage needs and there never seemed to be enough drawer space for all the cooking utensils.

A new layout for the church’s commercial kitchen

Matt Mierek, owner of AptitudeDesign & Build, stopped by the church to see the space for himself. He immediately noticed the walkway between the perimeter base cabinets and the island was too narrow for an operation with multiple cooks.

 Working with the client, Matt and his team developed a more user-friendly kitchen layout.

They kept the best of the existing layout – the abundance of perimeter cabinets. But in the new scheme, they made the island longer and narrower than the original. With the wider walkway and more worktop space, there is more room to work.

The new base cabinets have lots of spacious drawers. Although these cabinets occupy the same linear space as before, there are fewer of them and they are wider so they can provide effective and flexible storage.

The butcher-block counter has been replaced with a custom rolled stainless steel surface that can be wiped clean and easily sterilized. But, to keep costs down, the old wood countertops were recycled and installed as a handy shelf above the island.

Kitchen lighting was also improved. The old-style tube lights were replaced with energy efficient LED lighting that, although more expensive at the outset, will have paid for itself in energy savings in less than a year.

The new commercial kitchen feels larger than its predecessor, it has better functionality and provides a clean and bright environment for food preparation.