Storm Damage Provides an Opportunity for Garage Expansion in Wildwood

When a resident of Wildwood, Missouri stepped outside after a severe storm, he discovered a huge tree had fallen on his garage and nearby outbuildings. The tree had crashed through the garage roof and the walls had buckled and snapped under the weight.

Before: fallen tree storm damage on outbuilding

Before: garage with storm damage

AptitudeDesign & Build evaluated the storm damage

Matt Mierek, owner of AptitudeDesign & Build, was asked to assess the storm damage. Although he considered repair, he advised the homeowner that it would be more cost effective to rebuild.

As the homeowner was making a claim for the damage against his home insurance policy, Aptitude was there to help navigate the process. Matt priced the replacement garage to set realistic cost expectations. He then helped the homeowner work with the insurance adjuster.

After: new garage with larger footprint and more storage.

“It’s a role we take on all the insurance claim remodeling projects,” said Matt. “We are a good liaison between homeowner and insurance company to make sure owner gets what he should be getting in terms of repairs.”

On the bright side, rebuilding meant the garage’s footprint could be expanded to make more space for lawn mowers and other bulky yard maintenance equipment. This expansion was not part of the insurance claim.

New garage construction

After: new garage construction

By listening to the homeowner’s concerns, Matt discovered that maintaining the look and feel of the old garage was important to the family. They wanted the new structure to match the architecture of their home.

With this in mind, plans for the new garage and outbuildings were drawn up and agreed to by the homeowner.  AptitudeDesign & Build obtained building permits from the City of Wildwood.

The storm-damaged buildings were demolished and the debris was removed.

Aptitude’s carpenters framed the buildings and installed the roof trusses. Then the construction crew installed the windows, doors, and siding. The company’s electrician added the garage door openers and installed exterior lights. Lastly, the shingles went on the roof.

After: outbuilding rebuilt after tree damage

For the smaller outbuilding, Aptitude’s finish carpenter hand-built custom garage doors from a weather-resistant composite material that needs very little care and maintenance.

The new garage and outbuildings are exactly what the homeowner wanted. They match the house, and the family has gained some much-needed extra space they would never have built if the storm had not damaged the original structure.